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The Institute Office of Communications shares MIT’s discoveries, innovations, and culture of excellence with the world.


We tell MIT’s story.

We amplify stories from MIT’s classrooms, labs, and campuses to people around the world who share our passion for science and discovery.

We unify the many voices of the Institute.

The Institute Office of Communications connects MIT's many communications professionals to one another and to our central priorities. We help the schools, college, departments, labs, and centers speak to the world with a unified voice.

We empower the MIT community to speak and be heard.

We provide valuable media relations advice to MIT’s leadership, faculty, students, and staff. We also offer guidance with developing op-eds and news releases.

We offer support during difficult times.

Our management of crisis communications helps the Institute navigate emergencies and public relations issues.


Alfred Ironside

Vice President for Communications

Steve Bradt

Chief Strategic Communications and News Officer

Danyel Barnard

Executive Director, Digital, Brand & Internal Communications

Kimberly Allen

Executive Director, Media Relations & Crisis Communications