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We help the world peer beneath MIT’s Great Dome, offering glimpses of the work and lives of the Institute’s world-changing faculty, students, and staff. We offer high-quality photography and technical imagery to illustrate and explain cutting-edge research on MIT News and other platforms. And we bring MIT’s people and culture to life through engaging portraits, videos, and podcasts.

What we do

  • Provide photography, graphics, and other imagery that help clarify research, education, and innovation at MIT
  • Depict the vibrancy of our community through high-impact imagery on IOC platforms including the MIT homepage, MIT News, and MIT’s social media accounts
  • Regularly capture high-quality images and footage of campus, which we make freely available for the use of our communications colleagues across MIT
  • Manage platforms that serve as central hosts for MIT videos and podcasts

What we produce

MIT homepage

Our primary digital gateway to connect MIT with the world.

MIT YouTube channel

Our official MIT video platform that provides high-quality, engaging videos.

MIT podcasts