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Strategic Communications

Shaping MIT’s approach to communications on issues facing our community.

What we do

We shape MIT’s approach to communications on major issues facing our community.

Working closely with senior leaders, we communicate MIT’s stance on issues impacting our campus. We convene, inform, and coordinate communications colleagues across the Institute, providing high-level counsel and guidance to colleagues based in MIT’s schools, departments, labs, centers, and institutes. We also gather and share analytics, promoting a data-driven approach for communications professionals across MIT.

  • Advise MIT’s leadership on communications related to an ever-changing variety of substantive issues
  • Draft and coordinate communications explaining complex issues impacting MIT
  • Provide strategic direction and vision for communications leaders across campus in support of the Institute’s goals
  • Regularly assess and share relevant data to inform communications strategy and tactics
  • Advise on the recruiting and hiring of senior communications professionals across MIT
  • Provide public information in emergencies and crises