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Institute Use of Name

The Institute Office of Communications (IOC) is responsible for coordinating, reviewing, and approving use of name requests at MIT.

MIT is internationally known for excellence in education, research, engineering, science, and other activities. The widely recognized MIT name and its associated seals, marks, symbols, logos, and photographic images represent the high caliber of MIT's faculty and students and convey the quality and breadth of MIT's accomplishments. MIT's name and marks are among MIT's most valuable assets. Faculty, students, and staff share in the benefits associated with MIT's name and marks, and therefore also share responsibilities concerning their use.

MIT's name and marks may be used only in connection with activities that meet high standards and are consistent with the Institute's educational, research, and related purposes. Whether a use is proper is dependent on specific facts of the case. The IOC will work with individuals and organizations on a case-by-case basis to determine if the use of MIT's name and marks may be permitted. Any use of MIT's name requires prior written authorization.

To conform to MIT's nonprofit mission, the Institute's name must not be used in ways that suggest or imply the endorsement of other organizations, their products, or their services. These guidelines can help ensure that your use of MIT's name does not conflict with our policy.

If you see an item that appears to misuse the MIT name or trademarks, please contact

Use of name topics

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