We provide a steady output of high-quality articles, images, and video, amplifying the reach of web-based content through the judicious use of social media and engagement with the news media. We also seek to engage and assist MIT communications staffers who work outside our office, offering access to our Institute-level platforms to help raise the visibility of their content.

What we do

  • Promote MIT research, innovations, teaching, and newsworthy events and people to the campus community, the news media, and the general public
  • Communicate Institute announcements
  • Publish community news for MIT students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Provide media relations services to members of the MIT community, including advice on working with journalists
  • Respond to media inquiries and interview requests
  • Assist with film crew requests, including handling all necessary permitting
  • Handle public relations for major announcements
  • Provide public information in emergencies and crises

What we produce

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Room 11-400
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307